TUNE in TwosDaze September 2nd, 2014

Tune in TwosDaze with Kelley Jean and VJ StrokeNfold bring it to you live from the city of Detroit worldwide into your computer, smart TV and mobile phone. On this weeks episode of Tune in TwosDaze KJ and VJ welcome to the Trans Love Energies studios. Returning to Tune In TwosDaze it's the Eastside Villainz. Eastside Villainz got it going on with new tracks dropping. A Music video is in the works and will be talking about that collab they did with Swifty McVay of D12 called Ante Up. David Hooper has A Lot to say. David is a Documentary film maker of the film The Anatomy of a Great Deception. The film which is about WTC Building 7 that was not hit by a plane, but still came crashing to the ground. David became so consumed by what he learned about building 7 and the 911 case , that he almost lost everything wife, family and sanity. Joining KJ & VJ in the studios will be legendary guitarist of The Detroit Cobras, Mary Cobra. Mary who can be noted as one of the people who started the garage sound that was coming out of Detroit back in the mid to late 90's. Chris Bronson drops by from Detroit Fights Dirty Clothing label. Chris will be talking about what new fashion we can expect from DFD crew and what types events they will be involved in coming into the Fall. Who will be this weeks Mystery Skull! Guess and win tickets to this Fridays movie premiere of The Anatomy of a Great Deception. Tuesday night it all goes down at the Trans Love Studios for another live, worldwide, two hour episode of Tune in TwosDaze with Kelley Jean and VJ StrokeNfold.

Will the Real Slim Shady Please stand UP!

Zolt Shady has arrived to Detroit from France. Zolt is not only a fan of Eminem but also a bigger fan of the city of DETROIT. "Wait a Minute!" a fan of city of DETROIT? Yes, Zolt Shady is not only a fan of Eminem, but he is also a fan of the city of Detroit music & art and culture too. In fact, unlike some people who want to get out of the city of Detroit. Zolt could not move here any faster. Over the next couple of weeks follow along with the story as a French finds his soul in Detroit. Photos

VJ Strokenfold

Exciting stuff on the horizon. Currently working with the artist Final Cut doing some visuals and we are locking down some stuff now for maybe a UK tour come the Summer. Also NAB the National Association of Broadcasters Show goes down in Las Vegas and were in the mix for with all the coverage. See More

News Buzz TV (Las Vegas)

B-Rad catches up with Gabbie Rae and Patrick Kinnison where he talks with her and him about all kinds of great things going on with them. Gabbie talks about her Georgia Award for Youth Rock Artist of the Year and the Monsters of Rock Cruise. And it's all capped off with a live performance at the Viper Room

Kelley Jean

Alright it's time for some Pinup Action. So me and Gary DeLisie head over to the Cobo Center to check out some wicked custom cars, hot rods, trucks and motorcycles at the Autorama. Join in the fun this Weekend in Detroit. See More

What's Going On!

This week what is going down in theD. Make sure to check out Pride Fest going on this weekend at Hart Plaza. Coming up June 18th at the Shelter it's My Life with the Thrill Kill Kult. And coming back to Harmonie Park it is Tech Troit for a two day festival style event. There is so much going on just check the events section to see it all.

More Events


Say Fish Tacos

California's the Tequila Traveler Mark Alberto has hit the streets with his own Fish Taco trucks and he will be serving up some up the best Fish Tacos this side of the border. Make sure to look for his truck traveling up and down the coast. Watch Video

"DO IT ALL ft. Seven the General X Pazaz X Shane "

Directed by B.O.B. films @ManiacBeats West Seven Mile's own Block Boss Pazaz & Mr. Shane collab with long time 7 Mile affiliate Seven the General for this power hitter "Do It All" from Pazaz "EVERYBODY CAN'T RAP" LP follow them on instagram @Pazaz1nOnly @SeventheGeneral @maniacbeats