Tune In TwosDaze November 4th 2014

Tune In TwosDaze November 4th, 2014

Tune in TwosDaze November 4th, 2014

Tune in TwosDaze is on and Live worldwide with your hosts Kelley Jean and VJ StrokeNfold.

On this weeks show it's a night of up and coming talent, legends and business owners!

Sherry Scott is the original singer for the band Earth Wind and Fire will be joining us.

We have Tony and Janet coming by from Detroit City Pickers they will be bringing by some of just a small sample of what their 20,000 square ft space has to offer in thrifting, antiques and hard to find items.

Jeremiah Ferguson is a guitarist singer and is doing a show this week over at Diesel opening for the guys from Train and Days of the New. Billy Davis is inducted into the Doo Wop Hall of Fame he was the Guitarist for Hank Ballard and the Midnighters.

He has played with some of the top Blues legends and is even known as the guy who taught Jimi Hendrix a couple of cords.You want a night of good fun, music, food and drink we suggest PJ's Lager House we have the owner PJ in the studio.

And who will be this weeks Mystery Skull?

Tune in TwosDaze comes at you worldwide with your hosts Kelley Jean and VJ StrokeNfold live from the Detroit Life Studios inside TransLove Energies. 9pm-11pm EST. Directed/Produced by Jimi Custer Co-Produced by Holice P Wood.

TransLove Energies Live

Sundays in theD tore it down with Jimmy Alter, Carlton Washington. WSG Tony DiCello percussion, Dave Kocbus trumpet Buddy Love Smith Vocals, Dave Watson on the drums. It was a live night over at TransLove Energies when Detroit Life presents Sundays in theD

Zolt Shady

Zolt Shady has returned to France against his Liking but will return to theD in the very near future. Zolt makes it very hard to be proud of our city because Zolt he is so happy to call Detroit his home away from home. And we could not be happier because we here at the DD feel that way about Detroit. Photos

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TransLove Energies

Centered in the middle of Historic Eastern Market district sits TransLove Energies and you are not familiar with the meaning behind the name, well here is a brief eduaction. TransLove Energies was founded by John Sinclair, Leni Sinclair & Gary Grimshaw. Read More

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